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I've visited lots more churches in Herefordshire now. and some have very silly names. Click on a picture to read a bit more about the church (and maybe see more pictures of me!).

Bishops Frome (196)


Burghill (205)


Donnington (210)


Fownhope (202)


Foy (208)


Holmer (204)


Hope Under Dinmore (197)


Linton (164)


Little Birch (203)


Marden (206)


Much Cowarne (195)


Ross-on-Wye (151)


Stoke Edith (207)


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196. Bishops Frome

Another prickly hedge to sit in (but rather a smart sign). And I got to explore inside.

I had to be very careful about sharing the font cover with this flower arrangement. After all I don't want pollen on my nice warm cardigan!

205. Burghill

A damp wall is only a little better than a prickly hedge. It was raining by now so I was pleased to get inside the church.

The font had a very interesting cover. I had to cling on quite tight to make sure I didn't fall off.

210. Donnington

No sign here but I like to think this is rather an effective photo of me sitting in the sun in the porch (splendid fur alert!).

Sadly, the church was locked so I couldn't look around inside.

202. Fownhope

Another church without a sign, but it does have this rather splendid stone-built lych gate.

We went inside where it was very busy. Someone was tuning the organ (either that or they were planning it really badly [snigger]) and another man had a scaffolding tower up and was putting up some wiring (you can see him behind me in this phioto).

208. Foy

This must be the shortest-named place I've ever visited!

There is a good wall outside for photos (even though it is a bit mossy and damp under-bottomed). Although I went inside the church, I'm not allowed to show you any photos Uncle Les may (or may not) have taken of me on the font; I couldn't possibly say.

Go to their website.

204. Holmer

This St Mary's is different to most of the churches I visit. It's on Grandstand Road in the outskirts of Hereford and is near to the racecourse.

It wasn't s'posed to be open but there was a nice man there fixing the electrics (which weren't working at all) so we had a look round. It looks a bit like a church hall, but there's a service there every Sunday morning. I hope the man gets the electrics fixed in time for the service.

Go to their website.

197. Hope Under Dinmore

Another hedge situation and a sign that's a bit confusing. There is a St Mary's church here, there was a Church of England school next door as well (but it's now a house) and I think they've not got 'round to sorting the sign out.

The church was shut so I couldn't go inside.

164. Linton

The sign was advertising a Lazy Afternoon Summer BBQ, just my thing!

They say that the churchyard here has got the oldest yew tree in Britain - it was certainly very big and gnarled looking.

Go to their website

203. Little Birch

No sign for this St Mary's but it was another open church providing drinks for walkers (and bears). There was a big group of children outside the church, being shown round by their teachers (very intrepid; it was a damp day!).

206. Marden

This St Mary's is on the banks of the River Lugg [snigger], down a long track and through a farm. The church didn't have a sign outside, nor did it have a handy wall for me to sit on, so I just had photos taken inside (it was a bit damp and cold outside anyway, so I was rather grateful for that).

This is a picture of me looking at St Ethelbert holy spring (now a well). Apparently, the spring sprung up where King Ethelbert of the East Angles was beheaded and his body dumped!

195. Much Cowarne

One of the sillier names in this county. What's a "Cowarne" and why are there much of them? ["Cowarne" comes from a Saxon word meaning a centre for dairy farming, or a cowshed; "Much" means big, Big Ted].

St Mary's was open, so I took advantage of the facilities!

151. Ross-on-Wye

I liked this church but I had to do my "levitating bear" trick to have a photo beside the notice board.

The font didn't have a lid so I sat in it! (There wasn't any water in it otherwise I wouldn't have done it - damp and splendid fur do not go together well.)

Then I sat in a sunbeam to read a bible on a table.

Go to their website, visit their Facebook page.

207. Stoke Edith

Another "Edith" (if you remember, I visited one in Rutland)!

The font is really interesting, it's a small marble bowl supported on wrought iron stand. I had to be very careful sitting on it (and the lid was tricky to hang on to).


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