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New Church Electoral Roll for 2019 [click for details]

New Church Electoral Roll for 2019

Under Church Representation Rules, every six years, St Mary’s must create a new Church Electoral Roll (instead of simply revising the existing one). This will happen in 2019.

If you wish to remain on the St Mary's Church Electoral Roll, you must complete a new Electoral Roll Application Form. When you've completed it, place it in the box in church, or return it to the Electoral Roll Officer on or before Wednesday 13th March.

Similarly, if you aren’t currently on the Electoral Roll but would like to be (and you meet the eligibility requirements) please complete an Application Form form and return it as described above.

The newly-compiled Electoral Roll will be displayed in church for at least fourteen days, during which period any errors can be amended. This provides an opportunity for you to check that your details are correct.

However, once the Electoral Roll is displayed, no new names may be added to it (or names removed from it) until the close of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Tuesday 9th April.

See the Electoral Roll FAQ page for full details about becoming a member of the Church Electoral Roll.

Note that a paper version of the Electoral Roll Application form will be available in church.

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