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I first went to Lancashire in May 2019. I hope to go back sometime and find some more St Mary's (maybe it will be less damp next time!). Click on a picture to read a bit more about the church (and maybe see more pictures of me!).

Barnoldswick (257)


Gisburn (254)


Kelbrook (256)


Newchurch-in-Pendle (251)


Trawden (252)




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257. Barnoldswick

This church is also called St Mary-le-Ghyll ‘cos it’s on Ghyll Road and not really in Barnoldswick at all (which is pronounced "barn-OLDS-wick" as a nice lady at a café by the canal said).

I had to visit the church twice as the first time there was a funeral going on and I didn’t want to intrude (so I had a snooze in the car for a bit instead). The second time I visited, the church was closed and a man was cutting the grass with a very noisy mower.

Visit their website.

254. Gisburn

Isn't this a splendid blue sign, and a rather good wall to sit on (no rubbish bins or wheelie bins here!).

Inside there's a comfy octagonal font.

Apparently, the church was once dedicated to St Andrew, but it's now dedicated to St Mary the Virgin so I won't hold it against them.

Find them on Facebook.

256. Kelbrook

Well, it may not be an exciting blue sign, but at least the noticeboard has some stuff in it for me to read - and a comfy wall for me to sit on. Sadly, this St Mary's wasn't open for me to look around.

Find them on Facebook.

251. Newchurch-in-Pendle

I had to sit on a rubbish bin; well really, what a cheek - at least they put a bag under me to keep my bottom clean! But getting photographed by the church sign was worth all the trouble - look how bit it is!

This St Mary’s had a steep path leading down to it which my assistants found rather tricky [It’s not easy carrying a bear in a bag because he doesn’t want to get wet plus all the camera paraphernalia needed to capture his “splendid fur”, Big Ted].

I had a look round inside, and sat on the font (as you do). There's a balcony in this church which is unusual.

Visit their website.

252. Trawden

I sat on a sign for a "Peace Garden" outside this St Mary's. I didn't fancy sitting on a shrub nearer the sign / noticeboard 'cos they were all very wet (I've mentioned before about the unsatisfactory connection between my splendid fur and dampness).

The church was shut, but I had a look around. I couldn't find the peace garden the sign was pointing to, but I did find a headstone for a chap called "Driver Driver", which I thought was a bit silly (I wonder what he did for a living; he was prob'ly a grocer [snigger])! Apparently, Trawden is noted for this and there were other chaps with doubled-up names such as "Smith Smith", and "Bannister Bannister". I'd be called "Ted Ted", which is just ridiculous!

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