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I've not visited many St Mary's Churches in the counties of Suffolk and Essex so I've put them all together on one page. These were some of the first St Mary's I visited away from my own wonderful St Mary's in Plumtree (that's why they've got low numbers). Click on a picture to read a bit more about the church (and maybe see more pictures of me!).

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk (2)


Edwardstone, Suffolk (4)


Hawkedon, Suffolk (5)


Poslingford, Suffolk (6)


Tollesbury, Essex (3)




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2. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

St Mary's is the Civic Church of Bury St Edmunds. It's next to the Cathedral and it's really, really big.

This was a very uncomfortable photo - I was balanced on a spiked fence and it was raining. I had also just learned a lot of rude words about one-way systems (whatever they are).

Go to their website.

4. Edwardstone, Suffolk

I really like this church. It's hard to find 'cos it's in the middle of nowhere and you get to it along a farm access road. But it's quite special when you get there. There was also a friendly dog who came to say "Hello".

Edwardstone church was decorated in about 1880 by Mr Bodley. Does that name sound familiar? Yes, he decorated Plumtree church together with his friend Mr Garner.

The organ case in Edwardstone church looks just like our organ case in Plumtree. What do you think?

There was also this lovely rocking horse. I had great fun riding it but I had to hold on really tight.

It's known as The Edwardstone Horse and was made 'specially for the church. The horse has a special secret - a hidden compartment which holds a time capsule containing drawings by the village children.

5. Hawkedon, Suffolk

The church is in the middle of the village green in Hawkedon and has a wall all around the churchyard.

I didn't see a sign outside to lean against for a photo, so I went inside and had my photo taken sitting on the font instead. Luckily it had a cover so I couldn't fall in (that would have been funny!).

6. Poslingford, Suffolk

This is another of my "levitating" bear photos (it's quite a skill you know) as there was no handy wall or fence for me to sit on.

3. Tollesbury, Essex

This church is on the High Street in Tollesbury, Essex. I sat on the wall to have my photo taken and then I went inside to look around.

Inside I met two very big teddy bears and was rather scared at first. But they were very friendly and I told them all about Plumtree and they told me about Tollesbury. They didn't have a smart T-shirt like mine though.


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