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I've visited some St Mary's Churches in the counties of Somerset and Dorset. Click on a picture to read a bit more about the church (and maybe see more pictures of me!).

Bridport, Dorset (106)


Burton Bradstock, Dorset (107)


Catherston Leweston, Dorset (105)


Stoke St Mary, Somerset (093)


Walditch, Dorset (108)


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106. Bridport, Dorset

This is a big church and they have a bit of trouble with the roof which is leaky.

It was a really nice visit, 'cos here I met three other church bears and we had a long chat about bear-related things (I'm not sure that I could carry off a pink ribbon round my neck!).

I also picked up a scallop shell here to show that I am really on a pilgrimage.

107. Burton Bradstock, Dorset

Another St Mary's to add to my list. Golly, there are an awful lot of St Mary's churches in Dorset and Devon.

This Roving Ambassador lark is rather tiring. I think I need a snooze.

105. Catherston Leweston, Dorset

What a long name for a small village.  This is a really lovely Victorian church next door to a splendid manor house.

There wasn't a notice board here so I sat beside the door for my photo. There is a lovely font inside with a nice flat top (just right for a bear to sit on).

93. Stoke St Mary, Somerset

I visited this church on my way to my summer holiday in Devon and Cornwall.

Not surprising, the church in Stoke St Mary is dedicated to St Mary, so I decided to check it out.

108. Walditch, Dorset

I went inside and found that this church has a really old font. It's square and looks as though it's been tiled!

Sorry, I've not got a lot to say here. Too many St Mary's in one day makes me a very sleepy bear (zzzzzzzzz!).


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