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And I've even visited a few St Mary's Churches in Wales (that's another country, you know)! Click on a picture to read a bit more about the church (and maybe see more pictures of me!).

Chirk, Wrexham (71)


Monmouth, Monmouthshire (152)


Overton, Wrexham (77)


Portskewett, Monmouthshire (155)


Ruabon, Wrexham (72)


Welshpool, Powys (75)


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71. Chirk, Wrexham

This is a lovely church (lots of stained glass and another comfy font) and I got a badge to wear.

As I was going out of the church I met the people coming back from the Good Friday pilgrimage. They were really friendly and one lady shook my paw and said "Happy Easter" to me. This is my first St Mary's in Wales (but, as you know, I've been to Wales before; I am a well-travelled bear).

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152. Monmouth, Monmouthshire

This is a reall big church and rather smelly inside! [It wasn't smelly, Big Ted; they had used incense at their Sunday morning service. You're not used to that.] But it was very nice all the same and made for an atmospherically misty sort of font photo. And then Uncle Les took this rather good photo of me sitting in a sunbeam.

I met another bear here who was wearing robes that had been made 'specially for him (I can't see Revd Trevor approving of that sort of thing - but the bear was a bit bigger than me and so I didn't want to cause a fuss).

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77. Overton, Wrexham

Outside St Mary's in Overton I thought the railings were rather pointy.

Inside I had my photo taken on the font which was tricky 'cos the lid had quite a slope and I kept sliding off. Then I had a chat with another bear, which was nice (mind you, he couldn't sit properly in his chair, unlike me!).

155. Porkskewett, Monmouthshire

Another place with a funny name. I couldn't get inside this church so I wandered around outside. It was very hot and sunny.

I found this sign for a Heritage Centre, but it was outside a battered barn in the churchyard and there wasn't anything to see. [The Portskewett Heritage Centre is being developed, Big Ted. The "battered barn" is an old cottage that will be used as the heritage hub and visitor information centre.]

72. Ruabon, Wrexham

There was a Good Friday service going on at St Mary's in Ruabon and I didn't want to intrude so I looked around outside and had my photo taken near the sign. I couldn't possibly comment on whether some liberties had to be taken with Photoshop to get this photo to work (but I didn't sit halfway up the tower on top of the notice board!).

This church is a shared church which means it is both Anglican and Roman Catholic; that must take some organizing.

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75. Welshpool, Powys

St Mary's in Welshpool is a really big church in the middle of a complicated figure of eight one-way system. I was driven past the church four times before I found where to park!

This has another nice font (and more smelly lillies!). I got a bit stuck in the rather nice brass rails leading up to the pulpit (well, I pretended to get stuck just to annoy Auntie Fiona [snigger!]).

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