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Hello dear Reader!

After being part of this St Mary's Church website for many years, I've decided to set up my own website. This is mostly 'cos I have an awful lot of photos of ME and lots of pages about MY exploits - they were beginning to get in the way of the St Mary's stuff.

So, I've moved everything and, with a little help from my assistants, my new site is up and running and is a lovely golden brown (representing my splendid fur) and green (T-shirt) colour. If you want to know the url (ursine resource locator - snigger) to tell other people it's:


But if you've got to this page, and want to visit my new site (and why wouldn't you?), just click on the lovely picture of me below.

Love, Big Ted big ted's paw print

click on this picture of big ted to visit his website


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