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There is a series of laminated Information Sheets that describe interesting features of the church and churchyard. Here you can view them online to prepare for your visit to Plumtree's lovely church.

Click on an image to open the associated PDF file.

plumtree church - interior 1

1. Plumtree Church - Interior:
West and North

plumtree church - interior 2

2. Plumtree Church - Interior:
East and South

plumtree church - windows

3. Plumtree Church - Windows

plumtree church - exterior

4. Plumtree Church - Exterior

plumtree churchyard - belvoir angels

5. Plumtree Churchyard:
Belvoir Angels

plumtree churchyard - reuben george brooke

6. Plumtree Churchyard:
Reuben George Brooke

plumtree churchyard - henry hopkinson

7. Plumtree Churchyard:
Henry Hopkinson

plumtree churchyard - tower in 1906

8. Plumtree Churchyard:
The Tower in 1906

plumtree churchyard - war memorial

9. Plumtree War Memorial

william raynor vc

10. William Raynor VC

plumtree church organ

11. Plumtree Church Organ

plumtree church altar frontals

12. Plumtree Church Altar Frontals

plumtree church clock

13. Plumtree Church Clock



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