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magaine thumbnailIn view of the current crisis, we've decided not to have a printed Parish Magazine for the moment.  As the church is closed, there is not a lot to put in it and nothing for the diary. In addition, our printer has temporarily closed!

To reach at least some of our regular readers we've produced this slimmed down PDF version.  Hopefully we can get back to normal in a couple of months.


Click on the thumbnail image (left) to open the April/May 2020 edition of the magazine.


Following on from "A Cautionary Tale" on page 12 of this edition of the magazine...

If you'd like to make regular backups of your data to an external hard drive but aren't sure how to go about it, the following website provides a profusely-illustrated step-by-step guide on how to use the built-in Windows 10 (or Windows 8) backup feature:
How to use the new file history feature in Windws 8/Windows 10

It's not just failure of the internal hard drive that can corrupt or delete your files. Regular back-ups can mitigate the effects of other hazards too, as explained in the following article:
Windows 10s bugs are teaching the importance of backups




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