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On a very blustery Saturday in October, an intrepid group met at the Village Hall Car Park, on Elm Avenue in Keyworth. They then walked to Paul's allotment and attempted to make bricks in the traditional manner - by hand with clay, mud and straw!

It was very messy, but good fun. [Big Ted didn't get too involved because he thought it was all rather messy and it might involve a visit to the washing machine to get the mud out of his splendid fur.]

Some of us also prepared the fire-trench in which the bricks were baked the following week, after they had dried. And we had a fry-up cooked over a camp fire (well done Paul and Jane for getting the flames going).

It all started with some mud…
…and straw (being cut to length)…
…and sand and water (of varying proportions)
Then we mixed it all together, getting very messy in the process
Except Big Ted who didn’t want anything to happen to his splendid fur
Paul shows us how it should be done
Result – a fine new brick
Big Ted didn’t like the straw tickling his nose
Meanwhile Tony and Jane were digging...
…a person-sized hole (actually, it's the fire-trench)
Another intrepid group of brick-makers...
...making another fine brick
Big Ted guards the bricks…
…while the rest of the group enjoy a fry-up
Eventually the sun came out to help dry the bricks
One week later – the bricks have been fired (the brick on the top right is a professional one we were trying to copy)
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