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All dates and times given here are subject to change due to the weather or other events. Please keep looking here, we'll give you more information about the event nearer the day.

Natural Dyes Workshop

Where and When

Saturday 27th July 2019 - 10:30 am to 3:00 pm
Burnside Memorial Hall, Church Hill, Plumtree
Lunch will be provided


Natural dyes have been used to colour fabrics throughout history. Then, in 1856, whilst trying to synthesize quinine William Henry Perkin, accidentally created a new colour and clothes dye - mauveine (mauve). Thereafter the production of synthetic dyes proliferated throughout Europe.

Locally, William Elliott was a dyer of Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham who grew wealthy from a secret natural dye recipe for dyeing silk and woollen fabric black. William died without issue and, in lineage too tortuous to document, the remnants of his fortune were used to build the Burnside Memorial Hall, the very building in which the dyeing workshop will be held.


For the Workshop we’ll be using dock roots, turmeric, avocado stones, beetroot and nettles to make natural dyes. These will mostly be pastel colours and earth colours, but we might discover some slightly more exotic tints.

As you can imagine, the opportunities for getting messy during the workshop are manifold, so wear old clothes and bring some white fabric to dye.

Home-grown Dyes

Although William Elliot’s recipe was secret, there is a ‘dyeing border’ in the grounds of East Riddlesden Hall in West Yorkshire containing plants that have been used for natural dyes in the past:

Dye Border
dye colours extracted from plants can be vivid and intense or subtle.
Bronze Fennel
use the whole plant on wool for a clear yellow
the whole plant gives reds and pinks
the flowers and stalks give olive green
fresh new leaves give a lovely shade of blue
dark flowers give yellows, golds and browns


Faith Walk

Where and When

Saturday 2nd November 2019 - 10:30 am to 2:00 pm
Meet at St Mary's Plumtree
Lunch will be provided

A Faith Walk taking us through Cotgrave Forest and returning to church in time for some hot food - we will be sharing readings, poetry, reflections and stories along the way.


Icon Making

Where and When

January 2020 (date to be decided)
Burnside Memorial Hall, Church Hill, Plumtree

Looking at the traditional art of making icons in the Greek Orthodox and Slavonic styles. A quiet day exploring a beautiful aspect of our Christian heritage.


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