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All dates and times given here are subject to change due to the weather or other events. Please keep looking here, we'll give you more information about the event nearer the day.


On Saturday October 13th, meet at 10:30am in the Village Hall Car Park, on Elm Avenue in Keyworth, for a walk to Paul's allotment and a session making bricks by hand with clay, mud and straw. We will even try to bake them in a traditional fire-trench.

Lunch will be provided but bring something to drink. Dogs are welcome. Transport home is available if needed.

Wear old clothes and prepare to get very messy! (Big Ted's worried about this one; clay, mud and splendid fur are not a good mix!)


Sometime in January 2019, we'll take a walk around Normanton in the dark, looking for things that go bump in the night (actually, Paul has promised Big Ted that it won't be spooky).

Afterwards, we'll have a hot meal back in church.

Natural Dyes

We know how you all love getting sticky and messy so in Summer 2019 we'll meet up in the Burnside Hall and make natural dyes from products in the fields and hedgrows.

Bring along an old T-shirt to dye and prepare for a colour changing experience.



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