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Plumtree Church


This page contains links to two PDF files which contain details of all known interments in St Mary's Churchyard between the date shown on the earliest headstone (7 June 1705) and 30 June 2020.

Sadly, there is no record of the location of many early graves.



The churchyard is divided into three areas:

  • the main Churchyard
  • the Garden of Rest - located next to the wall of The Old Rectory; ashes are interred in this area;
  • the Walnut Tree - located in the centre of the churchyard; ashes are interred underneath this tree.

There is a separate plan for each of these areas.

List of Interments

This list allows you to discover the location of  of someone who is buried (or whose ashes are interred) in Plumtree Churchyard. Note that not all plots are marked with a headstone, these are indicated by * in the list.

Click to view a list of burials


Plan of the Churchyard

This file contains plans for the three areas of the churchyard, showing the location of the plot numbers given in the list.

Note that plot numbers in the main section of the Churchyard are not in an obvious numerical order!