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Paul is working hard, planning future Fellowship Events. We will be reviewing them against social-distancing requirements and hope to hold them when we can. The following events are in the pipeline (in no particular order!).

Earth and Fire - Part 1

What will we be doing?

Many churches now feel called to pray for our stewardship of the environment, and of our planet.

In January two speakers from Extinction Rebellion gave a talk to the Lady Bay Community Association; it was an eye-opener to discover at first hand what they are trying to do, and why.

So, environment will be the theme of a fellowship event held on Paul’s allotment where we can think about organic gardening and the environment. We’ll discover what can be done on a small scale: planting flowers to attract bees; leaving tussocks of grass to provide shelter for voles.

On a larger scale, Hügelkultur, is a horticultural technique where a mound constructed from decaying wood debris and other compostable plant materials is planted as a raised bed. So, we’ll be putting some Hügelkultur ideas into action growing seeds organically: spinach, pumpkins and sweet peas.

Wear your wellies and rough clothing, and prepare to get grubby! Bring a tinned vegetable item (such as sweetcorn, tomatoes, new potatoes or beans) for a "hobo" lunch cooked over an open fire.

Just hope someone has a tin opener.

Earth and Fire - Part 2

What will we be doing?

map showing tile kiln woodOn the Welbeck Estate there’s a wood called Tile Kiln wood (circled on the map above - click on it to see a larger image). This gave Paul an idea, and he decided that it might be worth trying to build a tile kiln on his allotment.

So that’s what this fellowship event is about. The aim is to make some tiles similar to the Victorian ones in the sanctuary at St Mary’s and the medieval ones in Buckfast Abbey.

Some of the group will be building the kiln(!); others will be preparing the clay tiles and glazing them. The tiles will need to dry out before they are fired so Paul will be doing this later.

Wear your wellies and rough clothing, and prepare to get very grubby!

Poachers Prowl

What will we be doing?

A night walk over to Normanton-on-the-Wolds followed by hot food in church.

Midsummer Ramble

What will we be doing?

A summer evening walk looking for edible plants followed by a picnic in the churchyard.

Mother Earth, Mother Church

What will we be doing?

We will be taking a meditative ramble to visit the ruins of Flawforth church, once reputed to be the "Mother Church" for St Mary's, Plumtree (today Southwell Minster is the Mother Church). 

A mother church is a parish church "which has responsibility for or oversight of another" it is also the principal church of a region.

Uncle Toby's Farmhouse Fudge

What will we be doing?

Buckfast Abbey strikes again! Borrowing a recipe from Brother Francis of Buckfast Abbey we will be making a tasty treat involving a rather large amount of sugar.

Picnic in the Jungle

What will we be doing?

St Mary's churchyard will be the venue for a close-up look at flora and fauna. The small scale wildlife and plants (insects, mosses and lichens) will form their own mini-jungle.

Egyptian Reed Boat

What will we be doing?

In ancient times the Egyptians built boats out of reeds; these boats were used to trade on the Nile. More recently, Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian adventurer built a boat from papyrus and sailed it across the Atlantic.

Now we're going to give it a go (on a much smaller scaler)! One group will attempt to build a boat the second group will create the sort of food eaten by ancient Egyptian sailors.


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