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Plumtree Church

Earth's Rhapsody

Added on 17 February 2021

Rosemary Garfoot, our Organist Emeritus has passed this truly beautiful, musically themed,  poem to us. 




Music in the cosmos was there at nature' birth.
Pulsating round the galaxies the rhapsody of earth.
Half the land is covered by the mighty seas that swell
Their anthem to the universe and all its glory tell.
Streams to river, to the sea they gently make their way.
A rainbow in the waterfall is reflected in the spray.

Lightning tears the sky apart, volcanos thunder underground,
In the raging of the storm there’s always music to be found.   
On wings of silent movement, we hear the owl call,
In the rhapsody of night time, when evening shadows fall.   
A whale calls gently to her young, the lions roar, and in their song
The birds have given a thousand notes the chorus to prolong.   

The colours of the autumn hedge adds beauty to the field,
With berries and the rose hip, which again their harvest yield.
Each season adds a beauty to the rhapsody of earth,
At death we see the promise in the season of new birth.
If man could be in harmony with all the worlds philosophy,
The spirit of eternity, will echo through Earth’s Rhapsody.   


Rosemary Garfoot.

July 1998.