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Plumtree Church

We're collecting bottle tops!

We're collecting bottle tops!

Added at 13:20 on 06 July 2024

As part of our 'Eco Church' initiative, we are now able to collect plastic bottle tops.   

A collecting box is situated in the church porch.

We can take just about any plastic top as long as it is clean and dry.   

Anything from milk bottles, soft drinks, sauce, coffee jars, toothpaste, cleaning products, shampoo, the list is endless.   We can also take margarine tubs and lids.

The only exception is anything black or tops with spray attachments, as they have some metal in.

All the tops will be collected and added to tops collected elsewhere.   

They are then sold, sorted and  properly recycled .   

All funds received go to support the work of the 

There are about 300 different collection points throughout the East Midlands and since 2018 over £3,000 has been raised.

Thank you for your support.   

Start collecting!