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Plumtree Church

Reverend Trevor's Retirement

Added on 31 January 2022

A joyous celebration of 12 years of Ministry at St Mary the Virgin, Plumtree

30th January 2022


The parish bade a very fond farewell to a much-loved Rector, Revd Trevor Kirkman on his retirement.

Revd Trevor had served as our Rector (parish priest) for the last twelve years in a non-stipendiary capacity. This means he gave us his time freely, combining his duties as a spiritual leader with his ministry in the field of secular work. His contribution to our Christian community will be sorely missed. He has made us stronger in our faith and ready to move forward into the future, spreading the Good News of Jesus in thought, word and deed as He commanded us to do.


The congregation presented Revd Trevor an antique map of South Nottinghamshire, featuring Plumtree ...



a large garden bench, in the hope that Revd Trevor and Anita will now find some time relax ...


and a solid silver cross, duly hallmarked, embedded in a block of olive wood with a plaque suitably inscribed with the following:

Presented to

Trevor Harwood Kirkman


the parishioners of

St Mary the Virgin. Plumtree

on his retirement as


31st January 2022.

With much love and affection


Anita was also presented with a bouquet of flowers


A farewell  buffet reception was held in the Burnside Hall, Plumtree for the Rector’s family and parishioners.