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Plumtree Church

The Real Advent Calendar

Added on 05 November 2021

During the season of Advent, as we prepare for the events of Christmas, we usually send Mary, Joseph and the donkey (small knitted ones – not the real thing!) round to a different family each night , depicting the journey of the Holy family leading up to the birth of Jesus, and enabling those families to feel part of that journey.

It will come as no surprise to you that we feel that this would be inappropriate again this year as the cases of Covid infection are still higher than we would like, especially amongst children.

As a result, this year we will be giving all those families - who normally take part - a lovely chocolate Advent Calendar with a little book that has a page for every day of Advent, expanding on the Christmas story and includes some fun challenges.   Behind each window will be a Christmas shaped milk chocolate treat and a  little piece of the Advent story.

There are a few extra Calendars and, if you would like one for a member of your family, a loved one, or even yourself, these will be available in church, on Sunday & Wednesday mornings, for £4:50 each - whilst stocks last!

We would like to send our very best wishes to all your families and friends for a very special and blessed Advent and Christmas this year.

Jane Cotton and Margaret Osbourn - St Mary's Plumtree


The Real Advent Calendar is designed to share and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas so that Christ is not written out of Christmas.  No other calendar enables parents and children to experience the Christmas story for 24 days, and be challenged to do some good in the season.  For more information on the Advent Calendars and the Meaningful Chocolate Company, click here -